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Asparagus season has begun!

Finest British white and purple asparagus is now available in our Glasgow stores.  

Finest British White and Purple Asparagus

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9 natural products to help ease hayfever symptoms

Summer is just around the corner, and while for a lot of us that means enjoying the warmer weather and longer days, for many it also means the arrival of a constantly blocked or running nose, itchy eyes, a scratchy throat and many more unpleasant symptoms. That’s right – hayfever season is almost upon us!

Luckily, there are lots of great natural hayfever treatments out there, and most will come without unpleasant side effects like drowsiness. Even if you’re not quite ready to give up your trusted antihistamines, many natural hayfever products can be used alongside conventional ones for extra relief.

So what are the best natural hayfever remedies? Read on to find out!

A.Vogel Pollinosan Hayfever Tablets

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to your conventional hayfever medication, this could be the choice for you.

Made from a complex of 7 tropical herbs, these homeopathic hayfever tablets are one of our top recommendations for hayfever because they’re entirely natural, won’t cause drowsiness and are suitable for those with asthma. We’d usually recommend taking them as an alternative to your hayfever medication, but they can be used alongside for extra relief if you’d rather.

Buy: A.Vogel Pollinosan Hayfever Tablets

A.Vogel Luffa Nasal Spray

A good nasal spray is a must have when it comes to natural hayfever relief. Not only does it help to provide welcome relief from a sore and stuffy nose, it also flushes out pollen that’s built up in your nasal passages, helping to ease overall symptoms.

A.Vogel’s Luffa Nasal Spray is one of our favourites because it contains the same 7 hayfever-fighting herbs as their hayfever tablets in simple isotonic solution. This means it actively helps to reduce your overall hayfever reaction as well as clearing out your nose.

Since it’s free from steroids and harsh chemicals, it’s a great choice for prolonged use.

Buy: A.Vogel Luffa Nasal Spray


Viridian Ester-C

Did you know your immune system plays a big role in hayfever reactions? An allergy is essentially just a big overreaction from your immune system over something harmless (like pollen!). A stressed or run down immune system is more likely to react severely to pollen, so keeping it in good condition is essential.

We all know how important vitamin C is for the immune system, so consider adding this to your natural hayfever treatment plan. We’d recommend Viridian’s Ester-C capsules, which provide 550mg vitamin C as ester-C, a form of vitamin C that’s gentle on the stomach and easy to absorb.

Buy: Viridian Ester-C

Optibac probiotics EXTRA STRENGTH

You might be wondering why probiotics are included on this list when they’re normally associated with digestion and gut health. Well, the majority of your immune cells are actually located in your gut, so a happy gut means happy immune cells. Healthy gut flora is also essential for proper digestion, and proper digestion is essential for the absorption of all those nutrients your immune system needs to function properly.

We’d recommend a good-quality probiotic such as Optibac for Daily Immunity, because not only does it support your healthy gut flora, it also provides extra vitamin C for an added immune boost. Optibac are really popular in our stores, and they have so much fascinating research that’s well worth a read.

Buy: Optibac probiotics for immune system

A.Vogel Eye Drops

One of the worse parts of hayfever is the itchy, irritated eyes, which can either become incredibly watery or incredibly dry and scratchy.

These natural eye drops are so cooling and soothing, and they’re perfect for using while you’re out and about. They contain a herb called Eyebright (also known as Euphrasia), as well as moisturising hyaluronic acid (which isn’t as scary as it sounds) to help flush pollen from the eyes and ease irritation.

But that’s not the only reason why this is the third A.Vogel product on our list. These drops are also made from natural ingredients and completely free from preservatives because the unique bottle is designed to naturally keep the liquid sterile. As an added bonus, they can even be used while wearing contact lenses.

Buy: A.Vogel Eye Drops

Heath & Heather Nettle Tea

Whilst painful to touch, when brewed in a tea, nettles are actually thought to ease allergic reactions such as hayfever by reducing the histamine in your body – a bit like a natural antihistamine.

This nettle tea from Heath and Heather has a comforting, refreshing taste that’s perfect for the spring and summer months, and its cleansing properties extend beyond just hayfever – your joints and urinary system will also appreciate it!

Buy: Heath and Heather Nettle Tea

Oatly Oat Milk

What you might not know is that dairy milk is thought to cause inflammation, and in particular increase mucous production, which isn’t the best news when you’re already struggling to breathe through your constantly blocked nose!

That’s why we recommend lowering your dairy intake as much as possible during hayfever season, and opting for some equally delicious plant-based alternatives. Oatly’s Oat Milk is a delicious alternative that can be used in tea, coffee, cereal and even cooking, and their Oat Cream is also a great choice for those of you who love creamy meals.

Buy: Oatly Oat Milk and Buy: Oat Cream

Oatly Oat Cream

Creative Nature Raw Cacao Flapjack

Wait, can snacking help hayfever? Well, the way you snack can. Refined sugar is thought to play a big role in the development of hayfever, and as a known inflammatory it’s bound to make your symptoms worse.

Try cutting back on sugary snacks during hayfever season, and replace them with some tasty, low-sugar snacks whenever you can. This raw flapjack bar from Creative Nature uses naturally sweet dates, as well as oats, goji berries, cacao powder and even maca powder, to create a deliciously sweet and sticky snack.

Buy: Creative Nature Raw Cacao Flapjack

Biona Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

Famous for its uses in cooking and baking, coconut oil is actually a useful addition to your natural hayfever treatment routine. Just rub a little oil onto the edges of your nostril to help trap some of the pollen before it enters your nose. Less pollen means less symptoms! It’s not a fool-proof barrier, but it can certainly help.

Buy: Biona Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

You can order all of these products online, but if you have any questions, make sure to pop in to our store at 455 Great Western Road, Glasgow for a chat.
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Free Organic Breakfasts With Roots & Fruits

Free Organic Breakfasts With Roots & Fruits

Wake up and celebrate organic food with ‘Wake Up To Organic’ on Wednesday 14 June 2017.
From 8am on the 14th of June, we will be serving up free organic breakfasts to all our lovely customers at our 455 Great Western Road store. We want to show you how easy it is to incorporate organic into your diet and our organic brekkie's will also appeal to our vegan and gluten free customers. Something for everyone!

In addition to our yummy breakfasts, you can pick up a breakfast bag for £10 which has lots of organic products to inspire your breakfasts throughout the week, as well as samples from our wonderful suppliers and recipe ideas. 

And if you can't make it to our store, don't worry, we are also offering all of our customers a 15% discount for all organic produce on our online store - just use the code WAKEUP2ORGANIC on checkout!

The small print! Discount applies only to online orders and organic products, one use per customer, minimum spend of £10 required, available until June 28th, UK delivery only. More terms available here: rootsfruitsandflowers.com/pages/discounts

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World Fair Trade Day

World Fair Trade Day

We think its essential for brands to be responsible and fair to their suppliers in developing countries. Nobody should be taken advantage of in their place of work and everyone should be paid fairly.

So, since its World Fair Trade Day today, we're highlighting some of our favourite products that carry the Fair Trade symbol. 


Dr. Bronner Organic Castile Liquid Soap

Certified as Fair Trade in 2007, this iconic organic soap company was initially founded in 1948 by Emil Bronner, whose progressive beliefs and quality products have always been a favourite of ours. Not only is Dr Bronner's Fair Trade, but they operate a zero waste strategy and always view profits second to their positive message, the welfare of their staff and suppliers.

Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Bar Soaps

Otto Chocolates
Seed And Bean Organic Chocolates - Chilli and Lime
Seed And Bean Organic Chocolates - Lemon Poppy Seed
Seed And Bean Organic Chocolates - Espresso
Seed And Bean Organic Chocolates - Cornish Sea Salt
Seed And Bean Organic Chocolates - Lavender 
Divine Fairtrade Chocolates 40g - White
Divine Fairtrade Chocolates 40g - Dark
Divine Fairtrade Chocolates 40g - Caramel
Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate - Caramel
Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate - Very Dark

We don't mess around when it comes to chocolate! Most of these are vegan and organic, too. Seed and Bean Chocolates are a UK company who are super focused on making their products ethical but also create some of the most original and tasty flavours like Lemon and Poppy Seed or Lavender! They make small batches of their chocolates and by using organic ingredients they're not only good for you and the environment but long term it actually works out cheaper for their suppliers!

Coco Zumi Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Traidcraft Fair Trade Honeys
Traidcraft Organic Orange Marmalade
Traidcraft Organic Strawberry Jam

Traidcraft are an incredible organisation who are dedicated to eradicating poverty through trading fairly with farmers and growers in developing countries. This charitable company don't only trade fairly, but they provide their suppliers with the right skills, knowledge and confidence to grow their endeavours and businesses. 

Hampstead Tea Organic Divine Earl Grey
Clipper Organic Earl Grey Tea
Clipper Tea 40 Bags
Clipper Organic Assam Tea
Pukka Organic 'Taste Alive' Teas - Rooibos & Honeybush
Pukka Organic 'Taste Alive' Teas - Star Anise & Cinnamon
Clipper Citrus & Aloe Vera Green Tea
Clipper Pure Green Tea
Clipper Citrus & Echinacea Green Tea
Suki Teas - Earl Grey Blue Flower
Suki Teas - Belfast Brew

Equal Exchange Dark City Roast Fresh Ground Coffee
Equal Exchange Women Farmers Roast & Ground Coffee 
Equal Exchange Organic Cashew Butter
Equal Exchange Organic Dark Tahini
Equal Exchange Organic Clear Honey
Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate - Caramel
Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate - Very Dark

The Equal Exchange is a company founded in Scotland in the late 1970s, when its founders were on an aid trip to Africa and it was revealed that coffee farmers were unable to sustain or profit from their work. With a growing trend in the western world for coffee, the team behind the Equal Exchange began fairly importing coffee beans from Tanzania and Nicaragua and selling them in the UK. This venture has since grown to fairly traded and fully traceable oils, sugars, cocoa, honey and nuts and most recently they have begun the project Grown by Women, with the simple yet essential belief that all "women should have the same access to choices, income and training as men."

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Roots & Fruits
Whats in Season - April

Whats in Season - April

Purple Sprouting Brocolli 
As well as being beautiful to look at, this veg' is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Spanish Strawberries
In season slightly early this year is the much-adored strawb'! Lucky for us in Scotland, we've had a few brighter days to enjoy them in the sun!

Hispy Cabbages
Also known as sweetheart cabbages, these are beautifully fragrant and rich with iron. After giving them a good steam, we recommend slathering them in butter and adding a small squeeze of lemon juice.

Deliciously sweet plums fresh in store! 

New Potatoes
The super versatile new potato is perfect in spring salads.

Growing in popularity by the day, we have the cauliflower - with cheese, steamed, stir fried, riced or blended and baked into a carb-free crust - the possibilities are endless!

Outdoor English Rhubarb
It's surprisingly easy to cook rhubarb so if you haven't already, now is the time to prepare a crumble, compote or other sweet pud'.

Crunchy and sweet, fresh peas in a pod are a tasty snack but also a great accompaniment for any meal! 

Wild Garlic
Its prime time for Wild Garlic! This underrated, mellow cousin of traditional garlic is wonderful in everything from omelettes, risottos and even in a pesto.

Find us 457 Great Western Road or 1137 Argyle Street and stock up with these seasonal gems. 


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The Skinny: Scotland's Best Food Shops

The Skinny: Scotland's Best Food Shops

"In this ideal world, we'd be looking for a couple of places to pick up the bulk of our groceries – local produce, reasonable prices, you know the drill. Roots and Fruits and Peckhams in the West End of Glasgow both fit the bill, with Roots leading the charge on the fruit and veg front. They encourage you to get what you need for the day, on the day, to cut down waste and help you eat the freshest food you can. Handily, there is an actual greengrocer with years of experience running the place to recommend seasonal produce and give you ideas on what to do with it once you get home, and the adjoining deli can hook you up with delicious fresh bread and pastries."

We received a lovely write up online and in print in this month's The Skinny as part of their 2017 food and drink survey!
We're also very pleased to have been voted as one of Scotland's best food & drink shops again this year!
Read the whole article here.

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Happy New Year, and Happy Customers!

Happy New Year, and Happy Customers!

We received this lovely message from painter Tim from Los Angeles this week, what a nice way to start the new year.

"Friends at Roots and Fruits:

We stayed in the West End for two weeks in October and shopped at Roots and Fruits daily and also purchased flowers twice. We enjoyed the things we purchased and consumed, were treated kindly by your staff and will return again to your neighborhood along Great Western Road some time in the future.

We did all our shopping on Great Western Road. We were so pleasantly surprised by the variety of foods we found especially fresh fruits and vegetables that we purchased at Roots & Fruits. We took the Clockwork Orange to tour the city every day. We loved everything about Glasgow including the friendly people we encountered. We’ve traveled quit a bit the past few years and it was nice to be in one spot for a few weeks to really immerse ourselves in the culture.

I have such fond memories of Roots and Fruits that I created this painting:"

roots fruits glasgow watercolour painting
Thank you Tim for your kind words about Roots & Glasgow and your lovely painting! We really hope to see you here again soon.

Take a look at Tim's other watercolours here:www.timgosswatercolors.com
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December - What's in Season

December - What's in Season


christmas leafy clementines
These juicy, leafy delights are packed with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as vitamin c and magnesium. Pick up 5 for £1 from our fruit & veg shops this month.

chesnuts roots fruits

Chestnuts are not only a comforting Christmas staple but they're also packed with minerals and vitamins and they're high in fibre. Join in the festive tradition of roasting them to sweeten their naturally bitter flavour.

Organic Walnuts

Nutcrackers at the ready! Trust us, these French beauties taste amazing. Pick them up from our wholefoods & organics shop this month.


Chiostro Di Saronno Panettone

A Christmas classic, these little panettone cakes with their delicious candied fruits make great stocking fillers. Order them online here.

Merry Moo Selection Box

A dairy-free December can be fun, festive and full of chocolate too! Get your little ones a Merry Moo Selection Box, full of tasty dairy-free chocolate bars. Order online here.


Fresh Handmade Wreaths

Bring home the warmth of the festive season with one of our beautiful bespoke Christmas wreaths. Our florists will arrange a blend of fresh festive pine and dress each wreath with a selection of fragrant dried fruits, cinnamon sticks, holly berries, pine cones and other decorations (We have different colour/style options) Tied with satin ribbon, they're ready for you to take home and hang on your door! Order now.

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Trees Everywhere 🎄

Trees Everywhere 🎄

There's few things that lift the spirit more than like the feeling of walking into a home that’s filled with the scent of freshly cut pine.

So, aye. It's that time of the year again. We're happy to announce that our Christmas tree shop is again filled with tall, bushy, heavenly scented fir trees from Scotland!

We have beautiful Nordman firs from Dumfries, grown following organic principles and unsprayed by chemicals - they've also just been cut this week so will be some of the freshest trees in town!

We also have smaller potted Nordmans, larger premium versions and even some 10ft gold label monsters!

Come by our store and take a look where you'll also find stands and advice on how to take care of your tree.

Opening times:

Monday to Sunday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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Festive Flower Shop

Festive Flower Shop

christmas candle festive table arrangement

Along with their popular bespoke winter bouquets and fresh handmade wreaths, this December our florists will also be making a range of beautiful festive table and vase arrangements - perfect for the Christmas dinner table or to give to someone as a festive gift!

nordic christmas table flower arrangement

You can now take a look at some of the creations and place your order via the new flower shop website!


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Organic September

Organic September

It's the last week of Organic September so we've picked out a few of our favourite organic products stocked both in our wholefoods & organic store and our online shop for you to try!

Coco Zumi

Coco Zumi's natural organic coconut water is derived straight from young tender green coconuts, packaged at source by local agricultural co-operatives. Organic and Fair Trade certified, Coco Zumi are committed to community developments and ensuring that their producers get the best deal.
We've got 15% off Coco Zumi Coconut Oil & Waters at the moment, you can order them here.

Almighty Foods
Image result for almighty foods
Dundee based Almighty Foods use authentic old school methods to craft a range of nutritious & organic plant based foods. We stock a selection of their ethically sourced, delicious gourmet nut butters and tasty raw chocolate bars which are also suitable for vegans.
Shop Almighty Foods Products

Seed and Bean
seed and bean
Delicious organic chocolates made from The Dominican's finest selected Trinitario cocoa and produced locally in small batches in Northamptonshire, England.
'At Seed and Bean we believe in courageous chocolate. We spend hours in our kitchen mixing flavours from nature to transform the simplicity of a pure cocoa bean into what we like to call kaleidoscopic moments of pleasure; some will be easy on the palette, some will be quite unusual, others will rocket your taste buds, but whatever takes your fancy we promise that chocolate will never be a dull experience again!'
Shop Seed & Bean

Pukka Herbs
pukka tea blog
The popular UK-based Pukka's family of organic herbal teas and supplements company are all firmly rooted in the principles of organic farming. We stock a number of their impressive range of teas and we've just recently started selling their wholistic tumeric capsules.
pukka tumeric bottle
WholisticTM Turmeric is a broad-spectrum formula that contains the highest organic grade, sustainably cultivated and fairly traded herbs, carefully selected to bring you the full potential of nature’s goodness. Pukka Wholistic Turmeric retains curcuminoids, turmeric essential oils and a full range of turmeric actives.
Shop Pukka products.





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