Established in 1980, Roots Fruits and Flowers has been serving the West End of Glasgow  and delivering to the rest of the UK with the highest quality fruit and vegetables, organic wholefoods and bespoke flowers for over 35 years. Housed within the beautiful Caledonian Mansions on Great Western Road and a charming store on Argyle Street, Roots Fruits and Flowers is one of Glasgow’s most iconic and much loved independent brands which still operates to the same beliefs and values created by owner Garth Gulland in 1980. 

First came the fruit and vegetable merchant, and shortly after, the wholefoods and organics store. Wholesale supplies to the city’s finest restaurants and eateries soon followed, as chefs began to recognise Garth’s eye for personally selecting the best quality produce which was then delivered to their kitchens. The introduction of the delicatessen counter was a natural addition to the store, adding to the cultural essence at the heart of the business.
Next came the flower shop, which quickly gained a reputation for its creative and innovative style of floristry, drawing inspiration from country gardens and a bygone era to create hand-crafted modern classics that have been delighting recipients ever since. Our wild and natural style bouquets and arrangements are popular amongst those looking for unique gifts and displays for the home, workplace, business, weddings or events.
Roots Fruits & Flowers is not just shop, but a hub for those passionate about environmentally conscious food, locally sourced products and quality bespoke blooms. Shopping local and buying fresh daily produce from knowledgeable staff has helped build the community that is Roots Fruits and Flowers and we are happy to have a growing wonderful and diverse range of customers pass through our stores every day.