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September - What's in Season

September - What's in Season

Our pick of the best seasonal fruit, veg and stems at Roots Fruits & Flowers this month.

Sweet little juicy dessert plums, and not always green! Greengages are delicious eaten raw or cooked in desserts (try a nice crumble or pie!) or turn them into a jam.

greengages roots fruits glasgow


We've got a whole range of delicious apples in stock at the moment, both from UK orchards and further afield. Back on the shelves is the popular Discovery which has a wonderful sweet, lightly acidic taste with a slight strawberry flavour making it one of our favourites.

Also known as Chinese Lanterns, these beautiful stems of bell-shaped flowers are back on our flower stand this month. Featuring in many of our Autumn bouquets and on their own they make a great addition to the home at this time of year. You can also buy the fruits from these plants in the fruit & veg shop!

Cheap, versatile and easy to cook - fry, roast, steam or grill them. Great in pasta dishes, on tarts and even in cakes!

Sugar Pie Squash
Super cute and very tasty. Sweeter than larger carving pumpkins (and a little less messy!), roast them and you can use the flesh in a variety of dishes - soups, risotto, pies etc.

sugar pie squash

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