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Freedom Bakery

Freedom Bakery

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We are delighted to be stocking freshly baked bread from the Freedom Bakery. The Freedom Bakery is a social enterprise artisan bakery based at HMP Low Moss near Bishopbriggs which trains and develops the skills of a small team of people in custody who learn on the job.  All bread is currently baked inside the custodial estate using traditional artisan methods and the best ingredients available and then sold outside.

The Freedom Bakery aim to create employability through employment and to develop the people in prison’s skills, skills within the baking profession but also skills that are transferrable across various industries. The role of employability is a huge factor in changing from a path that will lead back to crime, reducing reoffending being one of the Freedom Bakery’s other social aims, but also an economic aim. In a research paper by the Wise Group, it was calculated that for every person with a conviction who could stay in employment for a period of 5 years would save the Scottish taxpayer £940,000 per individual. Furthermore, someone’s risk of reoffending after just 2 years in the workplace was reduced by over 90%.

Freedom Bakery recently reached their target of £15,000 through donations on a Crowdfunding campaign to enable them to open a second bakery and allow the project grow. They will soon be able to work with more people and increase demand, something we’re sure many of you will be pleased about after trying their delicious bread.

We currently receive a delivery from Freedom Bakery in the afternoons. You can pick up some of their tasty bread from our Wholefoods & Organics store at 457 Great Western Road.

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