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Whats in Season - April

Whats in Season - April

Purple Sprouting Brocolli 
As well as being beautiful to look at, this veg' is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Spanish Strawberries
In season slightly early this year is the much-adored strawb'! Lucky for us in Scotland, we've had a few brighter days to enjoy them in the sun!

Hispy Cabbages
Also known as sweetheart cabbages, these are beautifully fragrant and rich with iron. After giving them a good steam, we recommend slathering them in butter and adding a small squeeze of lemon juice.

Deliciously sweet plums fresh in store! 

New Potatoes
The super versatile new potato is perfect in spring salads.

Growing in popularity by the day, we have the cauliflower - with cheese, steamed, stir fried, riced or blended and baked into a carb-free crust - the possibilities are endless!

Outdoor English Rhubarb
It's surprisingly easy to cook rhubarb so if you haven't already, now is the time to prepare a crumble, compote or other sweet pud'.

Crunchy and sweet, fresh peas in a pod are a tasty snack but also a great accompaniment for any meal! 

Wild Garlic
Its prime time for Wild Garlic! This underrated, mellow cousin of traditional garlic is wonderful in everything from omelettes, risottos and even in a pesto.

Find us 457 Great Western Road or 1137 Argyle Street and stock up with these seasonal gems. 


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Happy New Year, and Happy Customers!

Happy New Year, and Happy Customers!

We received this lovely message from painter Tim from Los Angeles this week, what a nice way to start the new year.

"Friends at Roots and Fruits:

We stayed in the West End for two weeks in October and shopped at Roots and Fruits daily and also purchased flowers twice. We enjoyed the things we purchased and consumed, were treated kindly by your staff and will return again to your neighborhood along Great Western Road some time in the future.

We did all our shopping on Great Western Road. We were so pleasantly surprised by the variety of foods we found especially fresh fruits and vegetables that we purchased at Roots & Fruits. We took the Clockwork Orange to tour the city every day. We loved everything about Glasgow including the friendly people we encountered. We’ve traveled quit a bit the past few years and it was nice to be in one spot for a few weeks to really immerse ourselves in the culture.

I have such fond memories of Roots and Fruits that I created this painting:"

roots fruits glasgow watercolour painting
Thank you Tim for your kind words about Roots & Glasgow and your lovely painting! We really hope to see you here again soon.

Take a look at Tim's other watercolours here:www.timgosswatercolors.com
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