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World Fair Trade Day

World Fair Trade Day

We think its essential for brands to be responsible and fair to their suppliers in developing countries. Nobody should be taken advantage of in their place of work and everyone should be paid fairly.

So, since its World Fair Trade Day today, we're highlighting some of our favourite products that carry the Fair Trade symbol. 


Dr. Bronner Organic Castile Liquid Soap

Certified as Fair Trade in 2007, this iconic organic soap company was initially founded in 1948 by Emil Bronner, whose progressive beliefs and quality products have always been a favourite of ours. Not only is Dr Bronner's Fair Trade, but they operate a zero waste strategy and always view profits second to their positive message, the welfare of their staff and suppliers.

Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Bar Soaps

Otto Chocolates
Seed And Bean Organic Chocolates - Chilli and Lime
Seed And Bean Organic Chocolates - Lemon Poppy Seed
Seed And Bean Organic Chocolates - Espresso
Seed And Bean Organic Chocolates - Cornish Sea Salt
Seed And Bean Organic Chocolates - Lavender 
Divine Fairtrade Chocolates 40g - White
Divine Fairtrade Chocolates 40g - Dark
Divine Fairtrade Chocolates 40g - Caramel
Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate - Caramel
Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate - Very Dark

We don't mess around when it comes to chocolate! Most of these are vegan and organic, too. Seed and Bean Chocolates are a UK company who are super focused on making their products ethical but also create some of the most original and tasty flavours like Lemon and Poppy Seed or Lavender! They make small batches of their chocolates and by using organic ingredients they're not only good for you and the environment but long term it actually works out cheaper for their suppliers!

Coco Zumi Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Traidcraft Fair Trade Honeys
Traidcraft Organic Orange Marmalade
Traidcraft Organic Strawberry Jam

Traidcraft are an incredible organisation who are dedicated to eradicating poverty through trading fairly with farmers and growers in developing countries. This charitable company don't only trade fairly, but they provide their suppliers with the right skills, knowledge and confidence to grow their endeavours and businesses. 

Hampstead Tea Organic Divine Earl Grey
Clipper Organic Earl Grey Tea
Clipper Tea 40 Bags
Clipper Organic Assam Tea
Pukka Organic 'Taste Alive' Teas - Rooibos & Honeybush
Pukka Organic 'Taste Alive' Teas - Star Anise & Cinnamon
Clipper Citrus & Aloe Vera Green Tea
Clipper Pure Green Tea
Clipper Citrus & Echinacea Green Tea
Suki Teas - Earl Grey Blue Flower
Suki Teas - Belfast Brew

Equal Exchange Dark City Roast Fresh Ground Coffee
Equal Exchange Women Farmers Roast & Ground Coffee 
Equal Exchange Organic Cashew Butter
Equal Exchange Organic Dark Tahini
Equal Exchange Organic Clear Honey
Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate - Caramel
Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate - Very Dark

The Equal Exchange is a company founded in Scotland in the late 1970s, when its founders were on an aid trip to Africa and it was revealed that coffee farmers were unable to sustain or profit from their work. With a growing trend in the western world for coffee, the team behind the Equal Exchange began fairly importing coffee beans from Tanzania and Nicaragua and selling them in the UK. This venture has since grown to fairly traded and fully traceable oils, sugars, cocoa, honey and nuts and most recently they have begun the project Grown by Women, with the simple yet essential belief that all "women should have the same access to choices, income and training as men."

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