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February Seasonal Favourites

February Seasonal Favourites

PomegranatesIt’s a great time to pick up these red jewelled delights! Deliciously juicy pomegranates contain high levels of potent antioxidants offering protection against heart disease and cancer and did you know that one glass of pomegranate juice has more antioxidants than red wine, green tea, blueberries, and cranberries?
One of our favourite vegetables of the season is a true British classic, the incredibly versatile cauliflower. Whoever said cauliflower is boring was very wrong, it contains an impressive array of nutrients including vitamins C & K, minerals and antioxidants and so really deserves a regular rotation in your diet. Additionally, it’s inexpensive and there are a tonne of great things to do with it. Why not try some of these recipes by Yottam Ottolenghi.
Red Naomi RoseWith Valentine’s day just around the corner, It’s that time of year again when our flower shop fills up with hundreds of these classic blooms. These subtly scented, red velvety beauties are amongst the best quality cut roses you’ll find anywhere in Glasgow. We’ll be making up our classic Valentine’s bouquets of a dozen red roses, as well as selling single stem blooms in a box with some luxury chocolates selected from our wholefoods & organics store.

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