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Now stocking Dusty Girls Natural Makeup by Moo Goo

Now stocking Dusty Girls Natural Makeup by Moo Goo

Our shelves are now stocked with the new Dusty Girls makeup crafted by the clever people at Moo Goo Skin Care!  The range was created after the maker’s noticed how much better skin looked after a day in the country. “It might be a little dusty, but it always appear more vibrant than after a day inside.”

Inspired by this look, they have used natural clays and minerals of the earth to create a healthy range of makeup which not only looks good but improves the overall condition of our skin. Farmed by the popular Australian skincare brand Moo Goo who provide an excellent range of products for people with skin problems or sensitive skin, the Dusty Girls makeup range adapts the same principles by providing great looking, healthy make-up minus the chemicals.

We have a selection of products now available in our wholefoods & organics store, 457 Great Western Road.

Dusty Girls Website


I have been living in Australia for the last 12 years and been using Moo Goo products for a long time. Could you please tell me if you stock the whole range as I will be returning to live in the UK.

Regards Kirstin

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