Rude Health Organic Ultimate Granola

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Organic multigrain granola with oats, spelt, and barley flakes. High in fibre with no refined sugar or added salt.

Contains almonds and hazelnuts.


Oats, Sunflower Oil, Spelt Flakes, Honey, Barley Flakes, Date Syrup, Roasted Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Puffed Amaranth, Roasted Hazelnuts.

Nutritional Information
per 100g: Energy 484kcal / 2020kJ, Protein 11.0g, Carbohydrates 53.0g (of which sugars 11.0g), Fat 25.0g (of which saturates 2.5g), Fibre 7.0g, Sodium <0.01g 

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