Our fruit and vegetable merchant has been at the heart of Roots fruits & Flowers since day one. It is still passionately run by owner Garth himself who is always on hand to share his extensive knowledge of the vast array of daily changing produce.
Our shelves are stocked daily from the local markets with the best available seasonal produce and great care is taken during the buying process to ensure that quality and price is at at the heart of our business. Our colourful store is a visual feast of produce from around the globe but we are also huge supporters of local producers and growers.
Reduce food waste, shop daily.

At the fruit and vegetable merchant we encourage our customers to shop daily, like we do. Lowering food waste not only helps the environment but also saves you money. Our knowledgable staff are always happy to advise you what is best in store when you visit and can offer suggestions for cooking and tips for reducing waste. We also encourage you to try before you buy and so we have daily tasting dishes available with Garth’s recommended fruit or vegetable of the day.
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