The Roots Fruits and Flowers delicatessen provides high-quality food freshly prepared in-store with an ever-changing seasonal menu. Our sensitively created dishes use the best quality ingredients from our Wholefoods & Organics store and our Fruit & Vegetable Merchant to make a large and varied selection of hot and cold artisan dishes. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets are also well catered for by our team of talented in-store chefs who love to experiment with exciting new recipes.

"If you want a measure of deli/greengrocer Roots and Fruits repute as a source of high-quality produce, just ask countless respected cafés and restaurants that use them as a supplier. But a sample of said goodness needn’t only be taken second hand, thanks to the Great Western Road main outlet’s small but growing café operation, serviced in-house by the downstairs kitchen. One among just 12 seats may prove hard to claim, but settle in once you do for a richly varied array of continental-flavoured fresh-as-the-day delights. There’s always a curry, two soups, salmon and dill fishcakes and Spanish tortilla to choose from, each of which can be complemented with sides aplenty from Greek salad to rosemary and thyme roasted potatoes. Freshly baked cakes can come in creative flavours from coffee and walnut to cranachan. If you loved your lunch enough, take all its components home and eat it again tomorrow."
- The List Eating and Drinking Guide, 2013

Since this review, we have now increased our seating capacity in-store so you can now enjoy the ambience in greater comfort. Our pavement terrace is a welcome addition to the Kelvinbridge community, protected by canopy from the Scottish elements. We also offer free WiFi, so that you can surf whilst you sip our extensive selection of speciality teas and coffees.

Our delicatessen counter is also available at our Argyle Street store, however, no seating is available at present. 

We also cater our unique dishes for events and parties, please send your enquiry to: