Biona Organic Black Olive Paté

Organic Italian black olive paté Ingredients: Black olives* (78%), extra virgin olive oil*, bay leaves*, sea salt*= certified organic ingredientsNutritional Information:Per 100gEnergy 1508kJ/366kcalFat 39.2gof which saturates 5.76gCarbohydrate 2.0gof which sugars 0.3gFibre 1.0gProtein 1.4gSalt 1.05g 120g


Biona Organic Carrot Juice

Organic pressed carrot juice, not from concentrate   Ingredients: Carrot juice*, Lemon juice**= Certified organic ingredientsNutritional Information:Energy 117kJ/28kcalFat 0.1gof which saturates 0.01gCarbohydrate 6.2gof which sugars 6.0gFibre 1.0gProtein 0.6gSalt 0.1g 500ml


Biona Organic Coconut Creamed

Creamed coconut made from the finest selected organic coconuts. Ingredients: Coconut**= certified organic ingredientsNutritional Information:Per 100gEnergy 2939kJ/703kcalProtein 7gCarbohydrate 24gof which Sugars 7gFat 65gof which Saturates 57gDietary fibre 16gSalt 0.075g 200g


Biona Organic Coconut Milk

Organic coconut milk from pressed coconut kernel Ingredients: Coconut* (50%), Water*= Certified Organic IngredientsNutritional Information:Per 100gEnergy 747 kJ/181 kcalFat 18gof which saturates 15.8gCarbohydrate 3.4gof which sugars 1.8gFibre 1.1gProtein 1.4gSalt 0.02g 400ml


Biona Organic Pudding Rice

Organic white pudding rice, perfect for a scrumptious traditional dessert. Ingredients: White Pudding Rice**=certified organic ingredientsNutritional Information:Energy 1472kJ/349kcalFat 0.8gof which saturates 0.2gCarbohydrate 77.5gof which sugars 0.7gFibre 1.4gProtein 7.2gSalt 0.04g 500g


Biona Organic Sauerkraut

Organic sauerkraut infused with juniper berries. Ingredients: White Cabbage**, Sea Salt, Juniper Berries**certified organic ingredientsNutritional Information:Per 100gEnergy 98kJ/23.5kcalFat 0.1gof which Saturates 0.0gCarbohydrate 5.6gof which Sugars 3.1gFibre 2.4gProtein 1.2gSalt 1.98g 350g (230g drained)


Biona Organic Wholegrain Risotto Rice

This lightly aromatic rice from Italy is ideal for risotto, paella or rice salads. Ingredients: Brown Risotto Rice**=certified organic ingredientsNutritional Information:Per 100gEnergy 1777kJ/419kcalProtein 8.6gCarbohydrate 85.1gFat 2.9g 500g


Biona Pomegranate Juice

100% Organic Pure Pomegranate Juice. Ingredients: Pomegranate juice* (not from concentrate)*= certified organic ingredientsNutritional Information:Per 100gEnergy 310kJ/74kcalProtein 0.7gCarbohydrate 16.7gof which Sugars 13.8gFat 0.6gof which Saturates 0gDietary fibre 0.4gSalt 0.02g 200ml.


Biona Coconut Water 330ml

Pure organic coconut water - natural hydration from freshly harvested green coconuts. Not from concentrate. Ingredients: Organic Coconut WaterNutritional Information:Per 100gEnergy 90kJ/21.5kcalProtein 0Carbohydrate 5.2gof which Sugars 3.0gFat 0gof which Saturates 0gFibre 0gPhosphorus 5.8mgSalt 0.03g 330ml


Biona Organic Aduki Beans

Organic aduki beans in water, with no added sugar or salt.  Ingredients: Aduki Beans*, Water*= Certified Organic IngredientsNutritional Information:Per 100gEnergy 502KJ/120kcalFat 0.2gof which saturates 0.04gCarbohydrate 23.0gof which sugars 0.4gFibre 3.0gProtein 6.9gSalt 0.005g 400g (230g drained)