T+ Smarter Teas

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Green teas with vitamins. Designed to do you good and taste good, every t plus tea contains 50% RDA in 9 daily essential vitamins, powerful botanicals and natural fruit flavours.

  • Detox with Apple & Blackcurrant 
    A cleansing blend of Green tea, dandelion root, ginger root and B vitamins to give your body some TLC.

  • Immunitea with Orange & Blueberry
    Load up those defences with a super blend of vitamin C, echinacea and ginseng. 

  • Multea with Lemon & Peach
    This little blend is the all rounder of fruity daily goodness. 
  • Boost with Raspberry & Pomegranate 
    The perfect pick me up. Yerba mate, ginseng and B vitamins. 

15 bags (30g)

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