Sunita Organic Green Olives

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Organic green olives of the Konservoila variety, the most popular and famous of Greek olives. This olive is grown using no pesticides and hand harvested in central Greece and the fruits are generally spherical and technically a “drupe,” a fruit with a single large stone inside.

360g (200g drained)

Organic green olives, water, sea salt, acidity regulator: lactic acid.
Not guaranteed free from olive stones. No allergens present. 

Nutritional Information 
Average Values per 100g: Energy 812kJ /194kcal, Fat 19.8g, Carbohydrates 4.2g (of which Saturates 1.6g, of which sugars 0.3g, of which Mono-unsaturates 15.3g), Fibre 3.9g (of which Polyunsaturates 2.9g), Protein 1.8g, Salt 7.0g 

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