Seggiano Carnaroli Risotto Rice

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Carnaroli is considered by many Italians to be the upreme risotto rice, as this variety absorbs liquid evenly and right to the centre of the grain, giving the rice a uniform, light consistency and a creamy flavour, without becoming sticky. 

The perfection of this rice lies with the traditional stone husking, which guarantees the lightest shelling, thus maintaining the nutrients contained in the outermost layer of each grain intact.


Organic, Vegetarian / Vegan, Wheat Free, GMO Free. 

CARNAROLI RICE* (* from organic agriculture) 

Nutritional Information per 100g 
Energy 1481 kj / 349 kcal, Fats 0.6g (of which saturates 0.1g), Carbohydrates 78.0g (of which sugars 1.0g), Protein 7.4g, Salt 0.01g. 

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