Palestine on a Plate (Joudie Kalla)

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Palestinian food is not just found on the streets with the ka'ak (sesame bread) sellers and stalls selling za'atar chicken and mana'eesh (za'ater sesame bread), but in the home too; in the kitchens all across the country. Palestine on a Plate is a tribute to family, cooking and home - old recipes created with love that bring people together in appreciation of the beauty of this rich heritage.

This is a celebration of real Palestinian food, cooking with the ingredients that author Joudie Kalla's mother and grandmother use, and their their grandmothers used before them.

Colourful, stunning photography evoking the vibrancy and romance of the country will bring Palestine into your home and make you fall in love with this wonderful way of cooking and enjoying food. This book caters to vegans and vegetarians, and also with a great mix of fish and meat dishes for everyone else.

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