Molini Pizzuti Farina Tipo "00" Flour

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Flour is graded in Italy according to its coarseness, which designates its ideal use. This 'fine' grade is excellent for use in bread and pasta making, its lower protein content creating better bread crusts and lighter pasta doughs than regular flour.

Molini Pizzuti is one of Italy’s most beloved flour manufacturers. Milling since the 1950s, the company combines tradition and innovation to create the most reliable and versatile flour, used by bakers and chefs across Italy and Europe.


Soft Wheat Flour Type "00". 

Nutritional Information 
Energy 1450kJ, Protein 9.5g, Fat 0.8g (saturated 0.2g), Carbohydrate 75.0g (sugars 1.8g), Sodium 1.7mg 

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