Heather Hills Orange Blossom Honey

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100% Raw Spanish Orange Blossom Honey from Heather Hills Farm in Perthshire, Scotland.

A beautiful runny monofloral honey, medium amber in colour, with an aroma reminiscent of a stroll through the Valencia orange groves in full bloom - of where its nectar is gathered from. A warm, vibrant palate bursting with orange that harmonises with the bouquet of floral perfume. The finish is relatively light-bodied, round and feminine, making this honey a real, all round mouth pleaser. A staple behind every mixologist’s bar and the perfect ingredient for desserts, this honey is excellent when infusing with cinnamon, ginger or rose petals and goes excellent with chocolate. It makes for a perfect glaze for ham, pork, chicken or salmon. Pairs exceptionally well with Goats' Cheese, Feta or a Mild Cheedar.

Ingredients: 100% Raw, Natural Honey


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