Heather Hills Chestnut Honey

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100% Raw French Chestnut Honey from Heather Hills Farm in Perthshire, Scotland.

A runny monofloral honey that is the staple in every Mediterranean kitchen, this is dark, clear and mahogany in colour with a robust taste and masculine flavour that pairs perfectly with the savoury deep flavours of autumn. Sourced from the nectar of the chestnut tree in the French Pyrenees, it has a very heady aroma of chestnuts and a rich, warm and woody palate with bitter-sweet notes of chestnut, balsam and dark chocolate. It pairs well with strong, sharp cheeses like pecorino or gorgonzola and sharp fruits like raspberries and redcurrants. It is beautiful when used in rich chocolate desserts and excellent with pork.

100% pure, raw and natural, it is high in health promoting anti-oxidants.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Honey


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