Hario V60 Glass Coffee Brewing Kit & Charlie Mills Tip-top Espresso

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Just wait until your friends taste delicious pourover coffee brewed by yourself with the V60 coffee brewing set. All you will need is some fresh coffee grounds, filters, and water.

The reason V60 produces a superior cup of coffee is because it puts barista in total control of the brewing process. If you are still looking for your favourite brewing method the v60 coffee brewing set will certainly help you to discover it.

Additionally, if you already know that V60 is your preferred brewing method you can always experiment with different variables and improve it even more till you brew unresistable coffee.

02 Size, Makes 2 – 4 Cups

Hario V60 Glass Coffee Brewing Kit Includes:

  • V60 Glass Dripper

  • V60 Coffee Server

  • V60 Paper Filters

  • Heatproof Glassware

We've also added in a bag of local roasting house Charlie Mills' delicious Seasonal Tip-Top Espresso.

"Tip-Top Espresso is our signature blend. A beautifully balanced, well-rounded espresso.  Happy to stand alone but with milk it can deliver chocolate, almond and buttery caramel with a citrus finish."

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