Café Rebelde Zapatista Blend Ground

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100% Arabica Fair Trade Organic Ground Coffee

The Zapatista Coffee Beans story is one of bravery and fellowship of good people making real difference for their community. At the beginning of nineteen-nineties, few thousand masked rebels arose from the jungle and gained control of several local villages and small urban areas.

Zapatista’s rebellion was a direct response to the NAFTA agreement, according to which native communities were no longer protected from privatisation. Though Zapatista fighters were eventually forced to retreat back into the forest, the uprising is still going strong. Chiapas communities continue to give us a positive example of self-help, resilience, autonomy and democracy.

You can help support their struggle by purchasing Zapatista Coffee Beans, grown in the mountains of Chiapas by the women and men of the indigenous communities!


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