Amazing Grass Superfood Berry Sachet

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Amazing Grass Superfood Berry Sachet is a delicious drink powder infused with acai and goji berries to help you achieve your 5 to 9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

A full spectrum of alkalizing green superfoods, antioxidant rich fruits, and support herbs unite with organic Acai and Goji berries to provide a powerful dose of whole food nutrition with a delicious berry taste. 8g

Nutritional Information:
For Serving Size 8g
Energy - 30kcal
Fat - 0g
– of which saturates - 0g
Carbohydrates - 4g
– of which sugars - <1g
Fibre - 2g
Protein - 2g
Vitamin A - 1,189IU
Vitamin C - 32mg
Vitamin K - 67mcg
Calcium - 49mg
Iron - 1.4mg
Sodium - 30mg
Potassium - 165mg

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