Please note the above photo is an example of a 2-person Non-Organic Fruit + Veg Box. 

Our Fruit and Veg Box scheme offers you the chance to have our freshest, highest quality fruit and vegetables delivered to your door every one or two weeks.

THE CONTENTS CHANGE ON A WEEKLY BASIS,  so ideal for all adventurous cooks out there. We don't recommend you sign up for a box if you want the same fruit and veg each week, however if you contact us we can set up a standing order delivered straight to your door.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please note if you sign up to our veg box scheme via the contact form, you will receive an email regarding GoCardless set up (how we charge our veg box customers). If you set up your gocardless details before a Wednesday of any week then your veg box will commence that week. If you set up your GoCardless details on a Wednesday or after, then your first veg box will commence the following week. Any cancellations or holiday requested must be made before wednesday of that week you want to postpone/cancel. To cancel your box please email us do not cancel your go cardless account as this can cancel pending transactions.


 Organic boxes are £15 (1 Person) or £30 (2 Person).

Non-Organic boxes are £7.50 (1 Person), £15 (2 Person) or £30 (4 Person).

The Roots No Fruits box is £10 (2 Person)

The Non Organic Boxes usually contain potatoes, carrots, onions, bananas, apples, oranges, garlic, lemons, limes plus a selection of the best quality fruit and vegetables from the market. Box contents will change due to availability and cost.

The Organic Boxes vary slightly more in that contents as the farms we use are much smaller. We try and provide a nice balance between organic fruit and vegetables.

The Roots No Fruits Box will only contain root vegetables. We recommend for students and people who want to receive a fresh selection of your rooted kitchen staples.

 Please note, we try and use either none or as little as possible plastic in our veg boxes.


Available add-ons: Mushrooms, Scottish Free Range (Medium-Sized) Eggs. 

Organic Mushrooms £2    Organic Eggs(x6) £2 

Non-Organic Mushrooms  £1    Non-Organic (Free Range) Scottish Eggs(x6) £1.50

Non Organic Curly Kale £1.20     'Ready To Eat' Avocado £1.50


Delivery is free to inner Glasgow.  DELIVERY WILL BE ON A THURSDAY EVERY WEEK. If you are not in when we deliver, our drivers will leave your veg box in a pre-arranged safe place.  If you live in outer Glasgow or near Glasgow, we may be able to deliver for a small fee. Alternatively, you can arrange to PICK UP your veg box up from any of our stores on THURSDAY OR FRIDAY

If you would like to join our box delivery scheme, please complete the form below or email