Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew Latte

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Cascading coffee and oat milk - this new vegan-friendly iced latte from London's Minor Figures makes a perfect alternative to coffee just in time for summer. 

Minor Figures source the best in-season coffee - roast, ground and brewed at their micro-brewery in East London for over 18 hours before blending with oat milk. And the result? A light, dairy-free iced latte. 

No dairy, no added sugar. Brewed in East London. 


Cold brew coffee (filtered water, arabica coffee) 43%, water, oats 12%, sunflower oil, sea salt 

Coffee Oririn 
1. Colombia, Piendamo (Caturra); 2. Peru, Cajamarca (Mixed Bourbon, Typica & Catimor) 

Nutrition per 200ml 
Energy 500 kj (118 kcal), Fat 4.4g (of which saturates 0.6g), Carbohydrates 18.2g (of which sugars 8g*), Protein 1.2g, Salt 0.2g 
*sugars found naturally in oats 

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