The Parlour Café Cookbook (Gillian Veal)

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The Parlour Café is a tiny whitewashed cafe in Dundee that changed the food landscape of the city when it opened nearly six years ago. Serving fresh, feisty, mainly vegetarian food, owner and chef Gillian Veal may have created a local institution, but her inspiration comes from further afield and reflects a whole social, relaxed way of eating more common in Southern Europe and the Middle East.

The Parlour Café Cookbook covers everything from indulgent brunches, super-food salads and flavour-packed soups to kick-ass, stand alone main dishes, via deceptively easy tarts and extremely unwholesome cakes. It’s a beautiful, hand-illustrated book packed full of the useful, simple, and most of all fantastically tasty dishes that are so loved in the café.

With a focus on local produce and global flavours, these generous recipes are easy to cook, easy to eat, and bursting with Parlour flavour.

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